Holidays to Greece for Families: The Ultimate Mediterranean Paradise

Athens Holidays to Greece for Families: The Ultimate Mediterranean Paradise
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Greece is not just the cradle of Western civilization; it’s also a Mediterranean playground perfect for families. With its endless coastlines, historic sites, and kid-friendly activities, this is one destination that promises something for everyone. But how do you plan the ultimate family vacation to Greece? Sit back, because this Mom’s Guide has you covered!

Why Greece is a Family-Friendly Destination

Greece Holidays to Greece for Families: The Ultimate Mediterranean Paradise

Greece offers a blend of cultural richness, natural beauty, and warm hospitality. Most importantly, Greeks love children! The culture is incredibly family-oriented, making it a welcoming destination for parents and kids alike. Greece is generally considered a safe country, particularly in the islands and smaller towns. Low crime rates mean that parents can feel more relaxed while vacationing. The beach areas are also often safe for children to play, with many offering shallow waters perfect for young swimmers.

Best Time to Visit

Peloponnese Hiking in Greece Holidays to Greece for Families: The Ultimate Mediterranean Paradise

Contrary to popular belief, summer isn’t the only season to explore Greece. Spring (April to June) and fall (September to November), known as the shoulder seasons, offer moderate weather and fewer crowds. Spring is ideal for outdoor activities like hiking. Fall is perfect for beach outings without the peak season rush. Planning around school holidays is a great way to avoid higher prices and crowds.

What to Do: Activities for the Whole Family

21greece acropolis 01 mltj superJumbo scaled Holidays to Greece for Families: The Ultimate Mediterranean Paradise

From historical ruins and interactive museums to outdoor adventures and stunning beaches, Greece offers a broad range of family-friendly activities. There are educational opportunities, like visiting the Acropolis in Athens, and also plenty of chances for physical activities like hiking, swimming, or kayaking. Greece is home to some of the world’s safest beaches. Kids can play in shallow waters while parents relax.

For an adventure rich in history and natural beauty but less visited by tourists, explore the Peloponnese Peninsula. Visit the ancient ruins in Olympia, explore the medieval castles in Mystras, and relax on the beaches of Kalamata. For older kids, consider visiting Meteora for amazing hikes and monasteries. Close by, you will find the Vikos Gorge, one of the deepest gorges in the world for a natural adventure.

Visit the stone forest of Lemnos, explore the active volcano in Nisyros, or visit the Zagori villages known for their traditional architecture and natural beauty. Alonissos is known for it’s marine park, and is a great place for snorkeling, diving, and boat trips to explore marine life.

Greek cuisine is also super kid friendly. Cheese, olives, bread, and a variety of meats offer a balanced meal that’s also a culinary exploration for young palates. The island of Tinos offers wonderful traditional cooking classes that would be fun for the whole family. A visit to eat the traditional foods and explore the local artisans is worth the trip.

Top Family-Friendly Destinations

Greece consists of so many beautiful islands, its hard to pick the very best ones to visit. There are a wide range of accommodation options across different destinations as well. From all inclusive resorts with full waterparks to simpler hotels or even rentable apartments, there are options for every family and every budget. Here are some of our top destination recommendations.


Athens plaka Holidays to Greece for Families: The Ultimate Mediterranean Paradise

Athens, the capital of Greece, is often synonymous with ancient history and mythology, but it’s also a vibrant, modern city that offers an array of activities and experiences for families. One of the most famous archaeological sites in the world, the Acropolis is a must-visit. Children can learn about ancient history and architecture firsthand. Take your kids to Athens’ Hellenic Children’s Museum for a wonderful interactive experience. Families can take a funicular ride to the top of this Mount Lycabettus for panoramic views of Athens. The changing of the guards ceremony at Syntagma Square is a big hit among children, who enjoy watching the soldiers in their traditional uniforms. For families looking for more modern entertainment, this amusement park offers rides suitable for all ages. Athens offers a variety of family-friendly hotels and Airbnb’s, many with amenities like pools and free breakfast. The city has an efficient metro system and plenty of taxis, making it easy to get around with kids.


crete Holidays to Greece for Families: The Ultimate Mediterranean Paradise

Crete offers a rich, multi-faceted experience that caters to all members of the family. Whether it’s the luxurious resorts, the abundant natural beauty, the deep historical significance, or the wide range of activities, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Known for its beautiful beaches and the myth of the Minotaur, Crete offers a balance of adventure and relaxation. Visit the Natural History Museum in Crete, an interactive space where kids can learn through play. Crete offers a mild climate, which makes it a year-round destination. The summers are ideal for beach activities, while spring and autumn are excellent for exploring the natural scenery. here are several aquariums and even a dinosaur park for children to enjoy. Crete has two international airports and extensive local transportation, making it easily accessible and convenient for families to explore.


Naxos 1 Holidays to Greece for Families: The Ultimate Mediterranean Paradise

Naxos, part of the Cycladic islands in Greece, is known for its striking natural beauty, historical landmarks, and relaxed atmosphere. Over the years, it has emerged as an increasingly popular destination for family vacations, and for good reasons. Naxos is home to incredible beaches including Agios Prokopios and Agia Anna. These beaches have shallow waters and soft sand, making them ideal for families with young kids. Plaka Beach offers sunbeds, umbrellas, and water sports. Both windsurfing and paddle boarding are very popular on this island. Several farms offer riding lessons, a unique way to explore the island’s landscape. Visit other small islands that are just a short ferry ride away. The island’s main town has narrow streets, Venetian mansions, and an old castle—great for family exploration. Local buses can take you to most major sites and beaches, although renting a car offers more freedom and flexibility. Naxos offers a range of family-friendly resorts that feature amenities like pools, kids’ clubs, and babysitting services. There are also numerous villas and apartments that are well-equipped for families.


Mykonos Holidays to Greece for Families: The Ultimate Mediterranean Paradise

Often portrayed as a playground for party-goers and jet-setters, Mykonos has another, often-overlooked side that’s perfect for families. With its beautiful beaches, historical sites, and family-friendly activities, Mykonos offers a versatile experience for parents and kids alike. Ornos Beach offers calm waters and a range of water activities, while Platis Gialos offers shallow waters and opportunities for boating and other water sports. Mykonos is also known for its iconic windmills, offering an introduction into the islands history. The village of Ano Mera provides a quieter, more traditional Greek experience with its 16th-century Panagia Tourliani monastery. Matoyianni Street offers a lively environment where children can pick up souvenirs like handmade toys or jewelry. Visit nearby Delos for an educational day trip to explore ancient ruins and learn about Greek mythology. The island is small enough to explore easily, and public buses are both convenient and child-friendly. There are a wide range of accommodation options available as well, from upscale resorts to more laid back hotels and apartments and villas for those looking for a little more privacy.


Santorini 01 1 Holidays to Greece for Families: The Ultimate Mediterranean Paradise

Santorini, famed for its stunning sunsets and white-washed buildings, is often considered a romantic destination. However, it has increasingly become popular among families looking for a more unique vacation experience. Santorini has plenty to offer families, from donkey rides to sunset views. Kayaking in Santorini is also a fun, memorable experience for the entire family. You can take a boat tour to the volcanic islands for a mini-adventure and a lesson in geology. Unlike most other Greek islands, Santorini’s beaches are made up of volcanic sand and pebbles. The Red Beach and Kamari Beach are among the more family-friendly options. Fira and Oia offer winding streets, charming shops, and beautiful architecture that can be fascinating for children. Fira also offers donkey rides to explore the winding streets – a hit with kids! Akrotiri, an ancient Minoan settlement preserved under volcanic ash, can make history come alive for children. Santorini offers several family-friendly resorts equipped with pools and other amenities, as well as villas available for rent. Due to the island’s smaller size, renting a car can be a practical way to explore less-visited spots.


thessaloniki Holidays to Greece for Families: The Ultimate Mediterranean Paradise
Thessaloniki, the second-largest city in Greece, is a vibrant, cosmopolitan destination that also has plenty to offer families. Known for its rich history, diverse culture, and lively atmosphere, Thessaloniki is a family-friendly gem that often gets overshadowed by the more famous Greek islands. Thessaloniki offers a more laid-back atmosphere close to beautiful beaches, perfect for families who want a blend of city and sea. The white tower is an iconic landmark and a great way for kids to learn about the city’s history while also enjoying panoramic views. Thessaloniki Zoo, located in the Kedrinos Lofos (or Nymphs Hill), is another great destination for families, especially those with younger children. The 5-km long seafront area is ideal for leisurely walks, bike rides, or enjoying an evening sunset. Parks like Aretsou Beach offer not just beach activities but also other sports like volleyball and cycling tracks. Don’t forget to try “Trigona Panoramatos,” a local pastry that the kids are sure to love. Modiano Market is an excellent place to introduce children to local culture and flavors, with vendors selling everything from fresh produce to traditional Greek goods. The city has an efficient bus system, and many attractions are within walking distance of each other. The city offers a range of family-friendly hotels equipped with amenities like pools, play areas, and childcare service, while also offering apartments for those looking to stay a little longer.

Greece is more than a destination; it’s an experience that can educate, thrill, and relax every member of your family. From its storied past to its sun-kissed present, Greece is the ultimate family holiday paradise.

Happy travels!


Written by Ashley Martinez

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